What You Need To Know About Product Liability

At Porter, Banks, Baldwin & Shaw, PLLC, we represent insureds, insurance carriers and self-insured companies in state and federal courts throughout Eastern Kentucky and beyond in a variety of product liability matters.

These are cases involving allegedly defective products ranging from automobiles to coal mining equipment and machinery to medical devices or household items. Our law firm has been in existence for more than 100 years, and our current attorneys have centuries of combined experience protecting our clients’ interests in defective product lawsuits.

Plaintiffs have various theories of recovery they can attempt to use. These theories include manufacturing defects, design defects and failure to warn.

In practice, the claims can seem very similar, however. And each of them has potentially valid defenses. There are several strong defenses against product liability claims. Defenses against product liability include assumption of risk, product misuse and that the danger was commonly known.

Experience is important in defending product defect cases. Our lawyers have centuries of collective experience, in-depth knowledge of insurance laws and the experience in local courts to guide our clients through the litigation process. We have represented engineers in automobile design cases, coal mining equipment cases, coal mining dust mask cases, and other equipment and product manufactures in defective design and manufacturing cases.

Product liability cases require thorough investigation. We handle all aspects of product liability defense litigation, from the initial investigation to persuasive settlement negotiations and aggressive defense representation in the courts.

Experts are critical in many product defect cases. We use our extensive network of technical experts to develop effective strategies designed to obtain the best possible results for our clients.